17 March 2015 We are pleased to announce that all services are up and running and we are open for business. When you get a chance check out our services page and see if we can be of help to you. We can help you clean up your existing setup into something more user friendly. […]

Desktop Background

Fun Computer Hint (windows 7) Desktop Background You can set the desktop background to change every hour or as often as you like. Pick a favorite folder of pictures and enjoy the show. Right click on the desktop and select Personalize Then Click Desktop background Then select the folder and select the Change picture every: […]

No Internet

Computer Support Hint No Internet Email won’t work, Browser won’t display any pages, these are signs that the internet is disconnected. First check the network cable from the modem to the computer, if it is loose push the connector in tight. Confirm that modem has power then check to see if internet is back. If you […]

Computer won’t respond

Computer Support Hint Computer won’t respond If your computer won’t respond to any thing you do, that is the keyboard and mouse are not responding. You may need to hold in the main button until the computer switches off about 5 seconds. Then restart the computer as you normally would. If it starts normally your […]